Interior design tips. Pairing furniture and decor with dark hardwood floors

What Goes With Dark Hardwood Floors?

Design Ideas | November 4, 2014

Throughout our history, we have met many great clients that come to our showroom asking for flooring advise on products that can deliver a sophisticated, bold and dramatic look to their projects. Although the prospect of using using dark shades of hardwood might be intimidating for some, this is a great approach that will allow you to create the chic, rich and elegant look that you are going for. In this article you will find useful interior design tips that will allow you to successfully incorporate dark hardwood into almost any décor.

1. Start with white walls and light wood furniture
2. Match shade of furniture legs to the floors
3. Design with dark rugs and light walls
4. Play with marble counter tops and white cabinetry
5. Use warm bronze metal accents
6. Mix a range of textures like leather, hide and velvet in soft/muddied hues
7. Go bold with accent colours

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